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Good trees and plants for our bees

As most of us know, bees are essential for the health of people and the planet. Their role as pollinators makes them incredibly important for our food supplies, as well as honey and various products having medicinal elements. They also pollinate trees and flowers that support habitats for wildlife.

There are things we can do to help, starting simple by making your garden bee-friendly. Wildflowers are an easy way but if you don’t have the space for an expansive meadow, as most of us don’t, then you could look at tree species such as Crab apple, Wild Cherry, Common Hawthorn and Pussy Willow.

Crab apple trees are small to medium in size with beautiful flowers coming out around April, and they grow ornamental or edible fruit in autumn so provide good foliage colour for months on end.

Wild cherry trees are one of the prettiest native trees which wildlife and gardeners love, and you can see why, with their beautiful blossom bright red fruits aplenty.

The common hawthorn tree starts with stunning creamy-white flowers with red or black fruits following so this is loved by bees, as well as birds.

The pussy willow is often overlooked but is one of the best for attracting bees as it will bloom early in the year. The catkins appear before the leaves and the furry stage is actually the bed stage of the flower. These are often found planted around a beekeeper’s apiary to help through winter months when pollen can be scarce.

Our specialist can give you advice on what sizes and species can work well in your garden so please get in touch and see how we can help.

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