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Expert Tree Planting Tips From Eastwood Tree Services


There are a few things to consider when planting trees, including choosing the right tree and deciding where it should be planted, to name a few. 🌿🌳

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If you’re thinking of planting your own trees and want a little advice, please read below for some advice and tips to ensure a good success rate.

Planting Season:

The best time to plant your trees is when they are dormant, making them less likely to get damaged, and the season runs from November through to March. Earlier in the season is best as it will give the roots more of a chance to settle before the warmer months.

Choosing the Species:

We’d recommend speaking to an experienced arborist about this as they can recommend the right species for the size of your garden/space. Native broadleaf trees will grow in difficult areas with little or no fertiliser and can be easier to maintain. Native trees can also usually, withstand long periods of dry weather, making them pretty resilient. There are lots of options and we can help you choose the right one.


You’ll need to prepare your site and we recommend pit planting in most instances. Before you dig the pit, make sure you’ve prepared the soil by cutting grass and weeds around the area (this limits the competition for water giving the tree the best chance of possible). Once you’ve got the location decided, dig the hole deep enough to take the full length of the tree roots. Replace the soil and make sure you firm the soil around the roots, making sure there are no air gaps. We’d recommend mixing a small amount of bio char within the soil, which is a charcoal-like substance that is produced by burning organic material from forestry and agricultural wastes acting as a soil conditioner that is extremely rich in nutrients, as this will give your trees the best chance of establishment.

Good luck! 🌿🌳

or you can give us a call and speak to one of our qualified arborists.

For any further questions or advice, please contact us at or call Eastwood Tree Services on 01449 760780.


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