We offer a specialist green waste recycling service to clients throughout the Essex region. Suitable green waste, includes;


          Grass cuttings,


          leaves, hedge trimmings


          Shrubs, plants, flowers


          Brush wood


          House Plants, Christmas Trees


Soil can be a very valuable resource, sometimes taking over a hundred years to naturally develop from decaying plants and other materials. Our services allow a 100% naturally recycling green waste, creating in a variety of mulches for your garden.


It can be grass cuttings, leaves, twigs, dead flowers, weeds, old garden plants or houseplants also logs and branches. Green waste is biodegradable this means it can be broken down by microorganisms and turned into a useful compost pile.


Compost is full of vital nutrients, which can be used in many environments such as gardens, landscaping, horticulture and agriculture. This can greatly benefit the land such as acting as a soil conditioner, pesticide and fertilizer.


At Tree Fella we offer a specialist green waste service where by the waste is reused as compost. Composting provides soil fertiliser, it reduces disposal costs, it creates a valuable usable product, It is a natural method of processing material which would otherwise be land filled.